Definition of wheat

  Wheat is classified within the common family of wheat, as it is distinguished by a distinct combination of gluten.  , It is a popular wheat-replacing alternative that is widely inserted in cereals, rice, pizza and pasta.  Because of the growing awareness of the importance of a high-fiber diet. [1]

  Health benefits of wheat

  There are many health benefits of wheat, including: [2]

  Bone strengthening: wheat contains an impressive array of essential minerals important to bone health, including: calcium and phosphorus, each of which contributes to the formation of crystals that build bone and teeth, as they work to strengthen bones and maintain them strong for life, according to a study in  North Calorena University.

  Boosts the work of the immune system: wheat contains vitamins and minerals that work to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation, such as iron, which is closely associated with the immune system, as iron must be properly digested, in order to absorb nutrients from food, and also helps to bring what  Sufficient oxygen to the affected areas of the body, such as: tissues, organs, and damaged cells that may be more susceptible to infection, and the development of any kind of disease.

  It enhances the work of the digestive system: wheat is high in fiber, and it is absolutely necessary for the digestive process to follow a high-fiber diet, as it does not contain calories, and cannot be digested or absorbed in humans due to the composition of the fibers, so it passes through the digestive system without being absorbed  Digestive enzymes inside the stomach, which take toxins, fats, and cholesterol molecules, and work to remove them from the gut, and this process improves digestion and heart health, in addition to that it gives a feeling of satiety, and supports the disposal of toxins.

  Add wheat to the diet

  Wheat is added to the diet through the use of whole grains, or wheat flour. If whole grains are used, they must be washed first, and then soaked throughout the night, which leads to their use as a substitute for other carbohydrates, such as: rice, potatoes, or in many  Food, as there are a few popular ideas for wheat, such as: rice, wheat broth, or stew
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