Almond Benefits: A natural and healthy treasure

 Almond Benefits: A natural and healthy treasure

Almonds are sweet, healthy, and suitable for an infinite number of foods, and their benefits are many. Let us learn about the benefits of almonds and their nutritional value through the following article.

At the end of winter and the arrival of spring, the almond tree blooms and blooms, then the fruits ripen about six months after the time of flowering, and in the early stages the fruit is soft and green, you will find in this article everything you need to know about the benefits of almonds:

Benefits of almonds

The health benefits of almonds are many, we mention some of them as follows:

It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids that help lower cholesterol.

Rich in magnesium, calcium, vitamin E and potassium, it helps lower blood pressure and strengthen bones.

It helps balance sugar in the body.

Relieve heartburn.

Improve skin elasticity.

Improving mood.

Helps increase sexual desire, if you are tired of putting strawberries on cakes, you should know that it is possible to diversify and put almonds.

It reduces the nausea associated with pregnancy, so pregnant women can enjoy eating roasted almonds.

It prevents the spread of cancer in the body, so it is recommended that cancer patients include almonds in their diet because it contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids, and phytochemicals.

Benefits of almond oil

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of almonds, we will now explain the benefits of its oil, although it is not cheap, but it is very healthy. We will mention some of the benefits of almond oil in the following:

Restores skin elasticity.

Reduces wrinkles and scars.

It rejuvenates cells, so it is used in many cosmetics as the main compound.

Calms and relieves dry skin, so almond oil is used in a body massage.

Ways to eat almonds

Here is an explanation of what follows:

Almonds eat nuts like other friends, except that they are difficult to digest, so it is recommended to soak them in water for several hours before eating.

In the past, it was advised to remove the peel of almonds, but recently it was found that the peel of almonds contains 10 times more antioxidants than the body of the amygdala, and these antioxidants fight free radicals that damage cells so it is recommended to keep the peel.

Almonds can be added to different dishes from savory to sweet, whether as whole grains, crushed or ground, as their pleasant flavor improves the taste of every dish, the almond paste made from almonds is one of the healthiest and highly recommended desserts.

Precautions when eating almonds

After you know the health benefits of almonds, there are a number of caveats related to eating almonds, some of them are mentioned as follows:

1. Allergic reactions

Some people may suffer from an allergic reaction to eating almonds, which results in swelling and difficulty breathing, which may develop into what is known as anaphylaxis that requires immediate medical help.

2. Asphyxia

Beware of eating almonds by young children or the elderly who have difficulty swallowing, to avoid choking.

And also in people with dementia or Parkinson's disease who are more likely to have food entering the lungs.

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