Hazelnut benefits: more than just a flavor of chocolate

 The hazelnut fruit comes from an extended family that includes our favorite nuts of walnuts, almonds, cashews and many more, and the benefits of hazelnuts go beyond being just a delicious fruit or a favorite flavor of some coffee, so read the article to know more about it.

There are many ways to prepare delicious hazelnuts, and sometimes you find hazelnuts in the form of spreadable paste on a toasted piece of bread, or it may play an irresistible role in adding an irresistible taste to cake cream, chocolate, coffee or hot drinks of all kinds.

Sometimes you can also enjoy eating it raw while watching the evening movie, but we do all this without knowing about the various benefits of hazelnuts, which we will mention in this article:

The health benefits of hazelnuts

We will mention here many of the benefits of hazelnuts that have been recently revealed by science, as follows:

1. Promote heart health

Eating hazelnuts helps reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, and this naturally reduces the chances of developing heart disease.

The high content of fatty acids, dietary fiber, antioxidants, potassium, and magnesium in hazelnuts also helps regulate blood pressure.

2. Protection from cancer

Because hazelnuts are rich in Vitamin E, preliminary studies have shown that eating hazelnuts may help protect against the spread of bladder cancer and other cancers within the body.

Hazelnuts are also rich in manganese, which makes an important benefit of hazelnuts is its ability to positively influence the action of certain enzymes that can reduce oxidative stress and the risk of cancer.

3. Increase muscle mass

This might sound counterintuitive, as hazelnuts are rich in protein means that they are an ideal food for your muscles.

When the muscle mass in the body improves and increases, fat is burned faster, and thus the individual's fitness level increases and the process of gaining healthy weight and losing unhealthy weight becomes easier than before, thanks to the benefits of hazelnuts.

4. Promote healthy skin

Hazelnuts' high vitamin E content makes them an ideal choice for protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, with additional benefits including protection from skin cancers and reducing the signs of aging on the skin.

5. Promote a healthy nervous system

One of the benefits of hazelnuts is that it provides a healthy boost to the nerves, making it stronger than ever before, as vitamin B6 strengthens the chemical bonds between neurotransmitters in the brain, which reflects positively on the individual's mood and sleep stages.

6. Significantly improve digestion

Thanks to the magnesium-rich fruits, such as: hazelnuts, in the digestion and elimination of fatty acids and bad cholesterol, hazelnuts also stimulate the secretion of enzymes that help digest proteins and burn carbohydrates in the body more effectively.

In addition, its richness in fiber makes the main benefits of hazelnuts a role in improving digestion, maintaining a healthy colon, and preventing constipation.

7. An excellent source of antioxidants

Antioxidants play an undeniable role in maintaining the health of the body, as their absence means that cells do not get enough oxygen and cannot use it as they should, which may cause many diseases.

This type of situation falls under what we call the domino effect, meaning that the impact of a cell and not getting enough oxygen will infect the cells around it and so on, which may exacerbate the emergence of serious health problems.

8. Rich source of Vitamin B.

One of the benefits of hazelnuts is that it helps to lose excess weight and maintain a healthy weight, due to its high content of vitamin B, and it plays an important role in accelerating the pace of metabolism and burning fats to provide the body with a burst of energy that benefits it in many ways.

9. Other hazelnut benefits

Several centuries ago, the ancient peoples of the Americas used nuts in many aspects of their daily lives, believing that the healing benefits of hazelnuts are endless, such as:

Add hazelnuts to tea to make a drink that cures skin infections.

Apply hazelnuts topically to speed up wound healing, moisturize the skin, and protect from the sun.

The adoption of hazelnut oil as an aromatic medicinal oil used in muscle massage.

Using it as a great dressing for salads because it is edible.

Hazelnuts are a nutritional treasure that nature provides us free of charge, and perhaps he did not fully take his right as the rest of his family members of almonds, walnuts and others, so we recommend that you eat hazelnuts regularly or use them as you see fit to get great results that will not disappoint you.

Cautions for eating hazelnuts

Include the following:

People who are allergic to peanuts, cashews, walnuts, pollen, Brazil nuts, birch pollen, and macadamia nuts may also have a nut allergy.

Hazelnuts are considered safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women when consumed in normal quantities, such as those found in food, but there are no studies that prove its safety when consumed in large, therapeutic amounts.

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