Natural facial beautification methods

Facial beauty and care is natural products

 Face beautification 

People of both sexes, despite their different ages and colors, are interested in the beauty and freshness of their faces, as there are many commercial and chemical products that enable them to achieve this, but many of them prefer to resort to natural methods to preserve the beauty of their faces and take care of them, with the aim of Reducing costs and expenses, and avoiding complications that may result from using these products.

Natural facial beauty methods Anti-wrinkles 

The following recipe is used to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, and help keep it taut and fresh: Peel a banana free of blackness, then mash using a fork. Add two tablespoons of fresh milk to the banana mash, and mix with it to get a homogeneous mixture. The resulting mixture is applied to all areas of the face, especially the areas where fine lines are frequent, such as the contour of the eyes and the mouth. Leave the mixture on the face for a quarter of an hour, then wash it with water.

Treatment of large pores This mixture 

is used to treat facial pimples and narrow open pores, in addition to getting rid of burns left by the sun on the face: Olive oil is placed on the face and left for a few minutes until the largest amount of it is absorbed. Mix a spoonful of starch with a few drops of cold water, then spread the resulting mixture on the face. Leave the starch mixture on the face for a third of an hour as a minimum, then clean it with water.

Treatment of skin pallor 

The following recipe is used to get rid of paleness, spots and dark circles around the eyes, and it also contributes to unifying the color of the skin and whitening it: Sprinkle two fresh cucumbers after washing them well. Add an egg white to the zest and mix with it. Mix two tablespoons of dry milk with the previous mixture. The resulting mixture is spread on the face, and left for a third of an hour, then clean with lukewarm water and then with ice water.

Dissolving fat and getting rid of impurities 

The following recipe is used to dissolve fats and remove impurities stuck in the pores of the face, and eliminate blackheads: Boil half a cup of chamomile flowers with two cups of water in a covered metal saucepan, in order to trap the water vapor inside. The metal pot is exposed with the start of exposing the face to the water vapor rising from it, taking into account leaving a sufficient distance between the pot and the face to prevent burns or scaling on the skin due to the heat of the water vapor. It is best to cover the head and the saucepan with a towel or cloth to trap the water vapor for the longest time possible. The face is dried from the condensing steam on it, then it is rubbed with pieces of ice to close the open pores due to the heat of the steam.

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