The dog

 Dog (scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris) is a mammal of the Canidae family. Dajan is an animal and became a human 14000 to 150000 years ago. This animal is usually described as loyal, and it is called "man's best friend" because of its high ability to remember its owner even after a long break from it. There are many strains of it of different types and functions, including: hunting dog, field dog, shepherd dog, guard dog, police dog, grayhound dog, blind escort dog and sled dog. Which is used to tow vehicles on ice to our time.


The family Canida (Latin: Canida) includes wolves, foxes, and jackals. The dog is one of the first mammals that humans have tamed from wolves, which had appeared 60 million years ago. And she lived with him for 14 thousand years. It is a descendant of wolves that used to roam in Europe, Asia and North America. Wolves have roamed villages in the northern hemisphere in search of food 12,000 years ago. Currently, there are many strains of them. Canine skeletons have been found in Denmark, England, Japan, Germany and China dating back to prehistoric times. And the jackal was known by the ancient Egyptians. They used to make statues with the body of a dog whose head was the head of a jackal. A statue of Anubis was found in Tutankhamun's tomb, dating back to the year 1330 BC. We have also found a breed of Seleucid dogs in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians. They were mummified since 2100 BC next to the pharaohs inside the pyramids. The Greeks and Romans could produce strains of them.

Dalmatian was trained in hunting and carriage since the year 1800 BC and guarding the horses that were pulling carriages from other dogs that feared them.

Kinds of dogs

There are many types of dogs, and they are ranked according to their strength:

Working dogs: They are the types of dogs that humans can train to carry out professional tasks such as pulling carts, detecting explosives or missing persons. Among the most important species used for work purposes are Belgian Shepherd dogs (Belgian Shepherd Dog) or Golden Retriever dogs.

Pet dogs or domestic dogs include most breeds of dogs

Hunting dogs and used in hunting, where they chase prey until it becomes close to humans, such as the Boehner and the Greyhound.

Guard dogs like German Shepherd Dogs are used to guard farms and homes.

the behavior

Humans use dogs in guarding, hunting and pulling carts. It was used in the war to guard and carry messages. There are also trained dogs that lead the blind and deaf in the streets, and domestic work, such as alerting the deaf to the phone or door, or leading the blind to wander inside the house or cross the street. And some types of dogs have a strong sense of smell. That is why he was trained for other tasks, such as detecting drugs, crackers, dynamite, Persian ants, and drowning in deep water. The missing can be searched for in earthquakes and fires, and some dogs can eavesdrop on sounds that a person cannot hear with his ears, so that the dog is able to hear the ticking of the clock 40 feet away. And domestic dogs vary in shape and appearance, size and color.

Despite these differences in all types of dogs, they are all anatomically identical. there are 321 bones in the skeleton. And the breeds differ in the numbers of tail bones. But her rib cage consists of 13 pairs of ribs and the spine consists of 7 vertebrae in the neck, 13 vertebrae in the chest, 7 lumbar vertebrae and 3 in the sacrum. The two hind legs each have 4 claws and four toes. There claws in four or five fingers out. The puppy has 28 temporary teeth, but after the age of 6 months they are replaced and their number becomes 42 permanent.

And all types of dogs live in all continents of the world except Antarctica and in the jungles and forests in temperate and rainy regions, in the desert, in the mountains and in the tundra. The gray wolves ancestors pet dogs. It is a carnivore of large animals such as buffaloes, rhinos and deer, and small animals such as rabbits and mice. And dogs can acutely their hearing and sense of smell wandering around to guard vast areas of wolves or to search for food. The males mate with the females in January, after which they give birth from 5 to 6 as a result of the mother suckling from the nipples. And share in food after weaning. Puppies are born blind and unable to stand. She spends 90% of her time asleep. The rest of the time she breastfeeds. Puppies cannot resist high cold because their circulation is not spilled, so the puppies stick to their mother to get warm. The mother cleans the pups and takes care of them like other female mammals, while the father plays no role in this task.

Among dogs, there is a language that communicates, including body language, facial expressions, tail lifting, ears standing and straightening. The hair standing above the back indicates fear, annoyance, aggression or subservience. These signs are important, as in the case of intense and intense hostility, the dog bows its fangs, relaxes its ears, its tail straightens, its legs stiffen, its back hair becomes straightened, and it grows or barks. Dogs define the boundaries of their areas with their urine. Its smell is a language that is addressed to warn other animals, especially among other dogs. He defends these boundaries by barking, snarling, or expressing in his general language. Domestic dogs tend to train to express their loyalty to their owner and win his admiration. The dog lives from 8 to 12 years, depending on the environment in which it lives and taking care of it. And before acquiring a dog, a veterinarian must carefully examine it to treat the diseases of the afflicted. Or vaccinate it against rabies. The dog needs good food, hygiene, shelter, outdoor exercise, water and training for 16-30 minutes a day on an ongoing basis.


Dogs reproduce like other mammals through sexual contact, which results from the fertilization of a female's egg with a male sperm. The female reaches the age of about the eighth month and it is with the onset of menstruation for the first time, which is accompanied by changes in behavior and within the body to prepare the body for sexual intercourse, while the male reaches about a month before that. It may be delayed up to two years in large dogs. The duration of pregnancy in dogs ranges from 56 to 72 days, with an average of 62 days. The difference in duration and variation in duration is due to several factors such as climate, nutrition and gender.


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