How to lose weight in a month

Losing weight in a month is amazing ways

 Eating breakfast

 The three meals are important during the day, but breakfast is the most important main meal, as it helps to feel full, reduces cravings for snacks during the day, maintains blood sugar levels, and helps  To lose weight quickly, so it is recommended to eat between 400 to 500 calories at breakfast, making sure that the meal contains sources of protein and saturated fats, such as: nuts, eggs, unsweetened yogurt, and beans, in addition to sources of fiber  Examples include: fruits, vegetables and whole grains

Exercising You should be careful to exercise while trying to lose weight, as reducing your caloric intake without exercising helps to lose muscle and fat, as the body works to burn muscle protein in muscle with fat to obtain energy sources, and from exercises that help  Weight loss, cardio exercises, which is one of the most popular exercises for losing weight and burning calories, including: running, swimming, walking, and cycling, as a ten-month study was conducted on the effect of cardio exercises on 141 obese people, who were not asked.  Reducing calories, and they were divided into three groups, and the results appeared as follows: [2] The first group that burned 400 calories by practicing cardio exercises for five days a week, lost 4.3% of their weight.  The second group, who burned 600 calories by doing cardio exercise five days a week, lost 5.7% of their weight.  The third group, who did not exercise, gained 0.5%

Get adequate sleep You should get enough rest, as it is recommended to sleep at least seven hours every night, as scientific studies have linked sleep with weight loss, as the quantity and quality of sleep may affect the regulation of the hormone ghrelin (in English: Ghrelin), the hormone that controls appetite.

Weight loss tips There are many tips that can be followed to lose weight, including: [4] Reducing the amount of calories you eat daily.  Drink more water, as it helps to increase the feeling of satiety.  Eat in small plates, to reduce the amount of food eaten during the meal.  Exercise on an empty stomach, as the morning is the best time to exercise before eating

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